Create a Seamless User Experience Between Systems.

FileTrail provides many tools to integrate FileTrail with other systems and synchronize data. Integration products allow users to feel like they are working in a single product. Our Connector products synchronize data with authority systems, eliminating redundant data entry and ensuring consistency. Custom integrations can be developed quickly using the SOAP Web Services in the FileTrail API. Our FTSynchronize utility uses scheduled, unattended runs to synchronize data with authority systems.

physical records

View Physical Records in Any System

Using our API, companies can view physical records in other systems. You can specify the filter criteria and sort order, and choose what to display from classification fields, retention fields, user-defined data fields, current location, home location, and more.


Powerful Search Tools

The Search page can be launched or embedded in your application and provides access to configurable search forms and result grids. Users with permissions can create and configure saved searches to quickly locate records or content they routinely access.


Comprehensive & Actionable Dashboard

Launch the My Desktop page and access an actionable dashboard that guides records coordinators, file room staff and records center staff through work that needs to be done: pull & deliver, creation & labeling, box & archive, etc. – while providing Records Management staff with oversight and control.


Rapid Request Retrieval

The easily launched Request page allows users to request retrieval of selected records. File room staff are alerted to new requests and are guided through workflows to retrieve active records in file rooms, and inactive records from storage.

Integrations, Connectors, & Frame-Able Pages

FileTrail Integrations:

Deeply embedded interaction between FileTrail and another system that provide a seamless experience for users.

Easy to set up requiring a few configurations settings.

Physical Records for NetDocuments — Allows end users to view physical records alongside electronic documents within a Matter Workspace, giving them access to tools to request retrieval, view volume series, and much more.

Physical Records for iManage — Allows end users to view physical records alongside electronic documents within a Matter Workspace, giving them access to tools to request retrieval, view volume series, and much more.

FileTrail for SharePoint — Provides integrated search and results including physical records and electronic documents, providing users with tools to request retrieval, view volume series, and much more.

Retention for NetDocuments

Retention for iManage

FileTrail Connectors:

Automatic exchange of data between FileTrail and another system that provides fully automatic synchronization of data.

Easy to set up, requiring a few configuration settings.

Wall Connector — This connector synchronizes security policies set in IntApp Walls (formerly WallBuilder) into FileTrail.

Open Connector — This connector synchronizes data on new Clients and Matters from IntApp Open into the FileTrail.

Holds Connector — This connector synchronizes legal holds from IntApp Holds, a component of Walls (formerly WallBuilder) into FileTrail.

Frame-able Pages:

Many pages of the FileTrail application are built so that they can be launched from other applications.

Easy to set up in systems that allow you to configure links or allow you to customize the screen with new buttons or links.

MasterList Properties — Displays meta data, Items, and hierarchy of a MasterList value (Client-Matter, Field-Well, etc.)

Item Detail — Displays meta data related to a record, providing access to request retrieval, and much more.

Volume Series — Displays all the Items in a series, showing volume number and the current location, allowing a Pull List to be printed.

Container Contents — Displays the box, folder, and subfolder hierarchy, along with the current location of each Item.

Request — Starts the request process for the current user using specified Items.

Search Displays — search results using specified criteria.


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A collection of powerful functions that support retrieval of data from FileTrail or updating of data in FileTrail.

Requires a software developer, but can yield very deep integration providing a seamless customer experience.

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Automated Import

A configurable utility that imports new data or updates existing data on a schedule.

Requires a systems support person to automate a periodic export of data from the data source.

Clients Love FileTrail

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"FileTrail, with its web services and web-based architecture, integrated nicely into our existing Intranet-based practice management platform. This was important because it minimized the training for lawyers and staff and increases our adoption rate."

Joe MacDonald, Systems Analyst of Gowlings WLG

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“The ability to import and store certain loan information in the application and export that to an output file is a big thing that helps both my file facility and imaging areas.”

Eddie Murillo, Manager of Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc.

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“FileTrail provides real-time integration with two separate mainframe systems that streamlines creation and color coding of new files, and eliminated data entry. ”

William Doe, PC Administrator of US District Courts

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