FileTrail's File & Asset Tracking Solution


Eliminate the need for manual file tracking and easily view a file’s chain of custody from your web browser or mobile RFID reader.

Audit discrepancy reports help users reconcile missing files. Location history and event tracking provides the highest degree of accountability.

Audits are completed in 90% less time using FileTrail’s file tracking system and RFID hardware infrastructure.

Locate Out of Place Folders with an RFID Detector

Fixed readers track files as they move out of their standard location. A quick read using our Motorola mobile RFID readers can instantly identify out of place or missing files. Any movement is automatically added to Asset History.

Greater visibility eliminates duplicate inventory entries and discourages unauthorized movement. Automated file check in and out saves users time and eliminates any discrepancies.

Secure Files & Assets with FileTrail’s RFID SmartAlarm

Utilize our RFID Alarm system to lock down critical files and prevent their removal from designated zones.

“We operate with less effort and fewer disruptions because RFID is automatically tracking the files as they move.”
— Loretta E. Knight, Clerk of the Court – Montgomery County Circuit Courts

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