Information Solutions for Well Files & Land Files

With FileTrail Well Master, your electronic and physical well data is accessible, organized, and secured in a single workspace. FileTrail gives you access to view all pertinent information and metadata for well files and land files, including API number, lease information, block number, operator information, and more.

Not having the correct version of data creates delays and havoc, which costs you time and money. Well Master guarantees you can always access the latest version and a complete history of previous versions. FileTrail Well Master can manage all data for wells: electronic logs, physical core samples, and legacy physical records.

free yourself

Free yourself from hoarding files on shared drives


current data

Know you always have the most current data on hand



Give teams more control over all relevant information

FileTrail Electronic well file is the easiest way to onboard, manage, and control well data

When new wells are acquired, their data can be available to your team within hours, not weeks. So whether your team is out in the field or at their desk, the ability to quickly access all relevant well data is crucial. Your time is valuable, and your work is important. Our platform streamlines time-consuming tasks, eliminates any guesswork, and makes your data serve you.

Gain Hands-on Records Management Tools

Well File Taxonomy & Classification

Drag & Drop File Upload

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Structure and manage your data the way your organization works. There are no limitations for defining organizational areas, file categories and types, or metadata fields. Automatically apply retention policies to data, ensuring that controlled files are always in compliance. FileTrail EWF and Well Master is unmatched when it comes to crafting a system that works with data the way your teams do.

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Drag and Drop any files to FileTrail EWF and have it automatically index the record to a specific well. All well data is stored in your Well Master configuration. Well information can be found by API number, Well name or any other field configured in the Well Master data. Files can also be imported, or automatically saved, into FileTrail with our Microsoft Office integration.

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Easy access to data for engineers, geologists, analysts and other stakeholders from creation to disposition. An intuitive interface allows all end-users to quickly locate data and configure custom searches and batch updates without the need for IT support.

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Improve Workflow 

Avoid operational disruptions and improve the supply chain flow with one workspace to manage all land files, well files, pipeline records, lease files, offshore assets, inspection records and more. 

Flexible configuration tools enables a growing organization to easily modify their system and mitigate risks, increasing the overall lifetime value of their document management investment.

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Acquisitions Divestitures

Rapid onboarding of critical information during an acquisition and reports on existing records when planning for a divestiture will ensure that your organization will make the most profitable investments. Smooth import and export of well content, metadata, files and logs during provides a smooth transition.

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HSE Regulation

Manage risk and document compliance through full lifecycle management of information.

Automate disposition of records on specified retention dates and instantly recall critical information when audits or legal inquiries are made.

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