FileTrail's Document Management Software


Instantly locate, share and secure all of your content and files.

Whether your team works out of one office or is distributed around the world, collaboration and access to content and files is a breeze.

Having documents stored on local drives, on network servers, in emails, and on File Shares creates chaos and exposes you to risk.  No one knows who has the most current copy, and no one can be sure all the copies are deleted according to retention policies.

FileTrail puts documents in a single place, ensuring that only one person can make edits at a time.  And, version changes are tracked, with old versions accessible if needed.  Collaboration on critical documents like contracts, proposals, agreements, and licenses – is easy with FileTrail.  You can be sure all copies are destroyed according to policy, minimizing litigation risk.

Bridging the Governance Gap

Traditional file sharing platforms often swell into digital landfills and organizations have little control and governance over their proprietary content.

FileTrail's Document Management solution bridges the governance gap left by file sharing services and eliminates inconsistent information processes by allowing organizations to implement security controls, policy integration, user permissions and a defined structure.

Our process-centric Electronic Document Management platform solves common headaches caused when information isn’t accessible and provides a configurable solution without draining IT resources.

FileTrail implementation team works closely with your company to deploy your system and train staff on best practices. Our easy-to-use platform allows clients to take complete ownership and expand or develop the system as business objectives evolve.

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Easily Access documents

It's easy to find the documents you need

Browse the workspace organized by project or department.
Search using the title or other meta data.
Search using terms and phrases you remember from inside the document.
Look in your list recently accessed documents.
Save the document as a Favorite for access later.

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Secure document management is key to IG

Unlimited user-defined fields, extensible taxonomy, and granular security permissions.
User group security controls who can view and edit which documents.
Version history documents who made changes and when
Field history documents edits to metadata and the prior values
Automatic classification applies your retention policies.
Disposition workflows collect approvals and document compliance.

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Create Documents quickly

Capture and create with drag and drop

Drag and drop documents from your desktop into FileTrail
Save new documents from MS Office applications.
Check-in directly from MS applications.

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Work as a team without duplication or losing your work

Only one person can edit a document at a time.
Version history shows who did the work and when.
Any version of the document can be viewed for research.

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Eliminate Duplicates & Easily view complete revision history

A complete revision history gives you an at-a-glance report of who has edited content and allows you to access and revert to older versions of a file. Most importantly, FileTrail's Electronic Document Management software eliminates the dreaded multiple version clutter that often comes with collaboratively working on content with members of your team.

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Collaborate from anywhere in the world

Whether your team works out in the field, is distributed across continents or is localized in one area, you need to be able to access necessary content and collaborate with members of your team.

FileTrail’s Electronic Document Management platform is as mobile as your company needs.

Flexible Hosting Solutions

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Securely hosted on Microsoft Azure.

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Private server in your data-center.

For more information about our hosting solutions, click here.

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